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Period blood is dirty blood?

Blood that comes out of the vagina is often referred to as dirty blood. However, this assumption is not true from the point of view of Science and Health.

Menstrual blood is actually no different from blood from wounds or nosebleeds, it’s just that menstrual blood contains tissue residue from the uterine wall that falls out after ovulation.

Every month the body will prepare for pregnancy by releasing an egg. The release of an egg from the ovary is known as ovulation. If the released egg cell is not fertilized with sperm cells, the egg will also dissolve and come out along with the blood from the uterine wall.

At that instant, levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone begin to fall. Very low levels of estrogen and progesterone tell the body to start menstruation.

So, what is the dirty blood?
Medically, dirty blood is blood that lacks oxygen (deoxygenated blood) or its carbon dioxide levels are too high.

On the other hand, blood that has a lot of oxygen is called clean blood (Oxygenated blood).

Normally, if your blood is clean, it will flow to your heart and then go to your lungs to produce oxygen. Then flowed back to the heart and throughout the body.

If the oxygen level in the blood is low, the lungs are deprived of oxygen to flow to the heart and the rest of the body. This condition is called hypoxemia.

Hypoxemia can interfere with normal body functions, including the function of the brain, liver, heart, and other organs.

When blood oxygen levels start to get low, you will generally feel symptoms such as:

– Shortness of breath as a response to the lungs to increase oxygen levels in the blood

– A fast heartbeat in response to the heart to help circulate oxygen in the blood throughout the body

– Chest pain because the heart is not receiving enough oxygen

– Headache

– Limp body

– Restless

So if we have dirty blood in the body, we will definitely feel the symptoms mentioned above, both in men and women.

Meanwhile, menstrual bleeding does not lack oxygen or excess carbon dioxide, but normal blood in the body.

That’s why menstrual blood isn’t really dirty blood.