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Pap Smear

What is a Pap Smear?
Pap Smear is a procedure of taking and examining a sample from the cervix, to check if someone has an abnormality that can lead to cervical cancer or not.

When to do a Pap Smear?
Pap smears should be done every 2 years, starting from the age of 21 years. After the age of 30 years, this test can be done every 3 years. Pap smear examination is recommended for women of childbearing age who are married or sexually active. Women of childbearing age are in the age range of 20 – 45 years.

Preparation for a Pap Smear
Before undergoing a Pap smear examination, it is recommended that we do not have sex or wash the vagina with a vaginal cleaner for at least 2 – 3 days so that the results of the examination can be more accurate. This examination is also recommended when we are not in the menstrual phase.

Pap Smear Process
During the Pap smear process, the doctor will ask us to lie on the examining table with the legs spread apart while bending the knees, and place them on the leg support. Then, the doctor will insert a speculum (a tool that resembles a duck’s tail) to open the vagina, then incised a soft brush or cotton swab into the cervix to collect cell samples.

The sample will be taken to a laboratory and examined using a microscope.

Does the Pap smear hurt or not?
Pap smears are actually not painful at all, but you may feel some discomfort, especially when the doctor inserts a speculum into your vagina to collect cell samples.

The price for a Pap Smear examination is very diverse and ranges from IDR 150,000 – 400,000