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Our Amazing Vagina!

Our Vagina!

Discussing the female organs or also commonly called the vagina still feels taboo, as a result not many women understand the intimate parts of their own bodies.

In fact, there are many things they may not know about this one organ

What are the 5 facts about the vagina that you need to know?

It’s not a Vagina, it’s a vulva!
There are still many who think that all parts of a woman’s genital organs are called the vagina. In fact, this part is called the vulva, which is the genital part that can be seen with the naked eye. The vulva itself has several parts, namely the mons pubis (pubic hump), labia majora (outer lips), labia minora (inner lips), clitoris, not external to the urethra and hymen or the hymen that covers the vagina itself.

When someone is menstruating, their blood will come out through the vaginal opening. Differentiate when you urinate, yes, the disposal will be done through the urinary hole near the vaginal opening.

Your vagina can clean itself!!

If all this time you are afraid that your intimate organs are not clean and you must always clean them with feminine soap or other antiseptic soaps, you are really wrong!

The vagina is an organ that can clean itself through natural excretions, such as when you urinate, and also by the fluids produced by the vagina itself.

In fact, using feminine soap, antiseptic, or soap containing perfume on the feminine area will damage the pH of your vagina.

Cleaning your feminine area using clean water is enough, really.

Your food matters!

So, if we don’t clean our vagina will it smell bad? Relax, it all depends on the food you eat.

Quoted from Broadly, according to Dr. Maria Mender Soares, a dietitian doctor, the smell comes from the gathering of specific bacteria in the female area.

He also added that these bacteria can vary in number depending on the type of food a person consumes. Therefore, each person’s vagina must have a different smell.

However, if you think the smell is unnatural and annoying, it would be better if you check it with a specialist, because you may have an infection in that area.

Elastic, Fantastic

The two muscles of the vaginal wall, if under normal conditions, are close together, so it will look very tight and impossible to insert something into it.

In fact, this wall is actually very elastic. When a woman is giving birth, the tissue or cervix connected to the uterus will widen up to 10 centimeters, depending on the baby’s weight and height.

Not only during childbirth, but also during intercourse and other activities because as said by Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, a clinical professor specializing in gynecology, the vagina is an organ that can expand according to a person’s activity needs.

The vagina is not a suction machine

Although the possibility of an object getting stuck in the vagina can still occur, the vagina cannot “suck” and bring the object into the body. This is because the cervix at the end of the vagina has a very small opening, only blood and sperm can pass through this opening.

Now, after you know these facts, it’s time for you to keep your body healthy.

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Apart from being free from harmful chemicals and environmentally friendly, you will also feel more comfortable because using GCup correctly will make you feel like you are wearing nothing. Don’t forget, it will be easier if you understand your female organs better!