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The best thing to use when your period comes.

How to Use GCup

Fold and insert

When GCup is correctly inserted, GCup will create a suction so its position will be maintained and will not come off by itself.

12 Hours of Use

When the insertion is correct, you don’t feel anything and are free to do any activity such as running, sports, swimming, etc.

Empty, Wash, Repeat

Cleaning GCup is very easy, just rinse with clean water after use and GCup is ready for you to use again.

More Efficient

With #BeralihKeGCUP you can save a lot of money.

Good for the Environment

1 sanitary napkin or tampon that you use, takes approximately 800 years to decompose. With #BeralihKeGCUP you can protect our Earth from more waste.

12 Hours of Use

GCUP can be used for up to 12 hours so you don't have to go back and forth to the toilet to change your sanitary napkin or tampon.


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Frequently Asked Questions GCup product

GCUP consists of 3 sizes that you can choose from:

  • Size XS: For teenagers or women who need a smaller size.
  • Size S: For women who have not given birth
  • Size L: For women who have given birth.

Our vaginal muscles are very elastic. Even after we give birth vaginally, within 6 months the strength of our vaginal muscles will return to normal. So, the use of GCUP will not make our vagina “loose”.

It depends on the definition of virgin that you have. According to the GCUP Team, a person is a virgin only if she has not had sex. Therefore, GCUP is safe to use by virgins.

An intact hymen is not an indication of a woman’s virginity since the hymen can be torn from many things, including running, falling, use of medical devices, and so on.

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The best thing to use when your period comes.

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