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History Of Menstrual Cup

Before you switch to GCup, do you know by whom and when was the Menstrual cup first created?

Surprisingly, the Menstrual Cup has existed in the world for about 100 years.

Even though in Indonesia, the Menstrual Cup was only widely used around 2018

In the United States, the first Menstrual Cup prototype was called “Catamenial Sacks”.

Patented in the 1860s and 1870s. But it was not accepted by most of the people

The shape is still not like the Menstrual Cup we know today.

These are Catamenial Sacks

Well, besides being inserted into the vagina, this tool also needs to use a belt so it doesn’t fall off.

Yes, much more complicated than the current Menstrual Cup!

The first modern Menstrual Cup, which is similar to the menstrual cup we know today, was created in 1937 by an American actress named Leona Chalmers.

Leona patented the design of the first Menstrual Cup made of latex rubber with the name “Tass-ette”.

Leona stated that Tass-ette did not make Menstrual Cup users feel uncomfortable or blocked.

And also the Tass-ette can be used without using buckles, belts and so on. So that we can freely use thin and elegant clothes.

Unfortunately in 1963 the concept of reusable for the Menstrual Cup was not accepted by everyone. So that Tassette finally went bankrupt because sales were not as expected.

Then, since the 1980s the Menstrual Cup concept was reintroduced by “The Keeper” and is still running today.

Currently, most Menstrual Cup brands including GCUP use Medical Grade Silicone which has been proven safe for the body.

What distinguishes a menstrual cup from one another is usually the size and firm / soft of a Menstrual Cup

So, now we already know that the Menstrual Cup concept has actually existed for almost a century.

So actually it’s not a new item anymore, it’s just that it has only been popular in Indonesia for the past 1-2 years.

And you could say that GCUP is one of the first to introduce the Menstrual Cup in Indonesia!