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GCUP can be used for up to 12 hours.

Size XS: For teenagers or women who need a smaller size.
Size S: For women who have not given birth.
Size L: For women who have given birth.

One GCUP is all you need; it can last up to 10 years.

Our vaginal muscles are very elastic. Even after we give birth vaginally, within 6 months the strength of our vaginal muscles will return to normal. So, the use of GCUP will not make our vagina ‘loose’.

Our vulva has 2 holes, namely Urethra and Vagina.

  • The urethra is the pathway for us to urinate.
  • Vaginal pathway is for childbirth, sexual intercourse, and menstruation (GCUP is installed here).

When you use GCUP in your vagina, it won’t interfere with our urine flow.

Some people feel a ‘pop’ when the GCUP opens inside the vagina which means it has been inserted correctly.

In addition, to ensure that the GCUP is inserted correctly, you can also pull the stem slowly. If the GCUP can be easily pulled out, then it has not opened properly.

It can’t, because the blood will be retained in your cervix. Therefore, it cannot go back into the body.

It depends on the definition of virgin that you have. According to medical professionals, a person is a virgin if she has not had sex. Therefore, GCUP is safe to use by virgins.

An intact hymen is not an indication of a woman’s virginity since the hymen can be torn from many things, including running, falling, use of medical devices, and so on.

Generally, there are several reasons why blood still leaks when using GCUP. The most common reasons are: improper use, GCUP is not fully open, the size is not right, or blood is overflowing from the GCUP.